The world can make us believer believe what is not true by the way the cover it up with the Bible says that. I had totally Agreed with this saying (“HEAVEN HELP DOES WHO HELP THEMSELVES”) but going deeper in the word I discovered that is a saying of the world not the Bible

Please and please it is not true if you encounter such people again saying this kindly ask them to show you where it is in the Bible. You don’t need to ague about it with the individual. Base on what I know  all the people that tried to help God in one way or the other created more problems instead of solving their problems. Please allow God to carry out His work in your life don’t try to help Him because He doesn’t need it. He is OMNISCIENCE (The all knowing God) Even if you will come in handy He will let you know,don’t take actions into your own hands.

Have A Blessed Day


July 22, 2016


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