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The one thing you must know is the Word. I have posted a lot about the word and I have also written much about it. I believe by the grace of God I will write more but click on the following links below

to read about the word of God.

If you don’t know the word that is when you can be pushed here and there by False and Fake prophets, a person that is deeply rooted in God word is expected to stand in times of Deceive. When I mean deeply rooted I don’t mean somebody that reads his or her Bible once or twice a week I know somebody reading this will be like hmmmmm it is hard but if you don’t sacrifice you time to do it then you should be ready to suffer the consequences and believe me it is extremely hard to bear. One thing I believe is that no matter how hard the things of God may look they are for our own benefits. So do it suffer the pain and enjoy the benefits and trust me on this one also the benefits are too numerous to mention. The devil may send his messengers to beguile you with the same wealth that God has given you but Because you haven’t studied the Bible to understand it you will settle for their wealth that comes with sorrow instead of God riches that added no sorrow. We have to be wise in our decision-making in order for us not to make wrong decision out of desperation. You see a lot of times It is not our wish to go into certain things but due to desperation you want to run faster than the plan of God, we want to feel among, you just want to satisfy the flesh we jump into things. Permit me to play this One Prayer for you and me May we not allow what is trending to lure us into sinning against God In JESUS Name Amen. I think I should take a break here I hope I have passed something across to you don’t be BEGUILE remain Blessed till next time.

December 26, 2016

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