You will agree with me that we are truly In the end time because almost everything if not everything the bible says will happen has taken place and is still taken place. Nevertheless we are meant to stand the faith. Stand for the right doctrine no matter the amount of False prophets, preachers or teachers we have in the world, we should not allow them change the original Doctrines that we have been Taught. Mind you it is good to challenge them but be careful too because they have also turn the scriptures to fit what the preach.Notwithstanding  the Bible is always there to Inspire us Because it was written from the Inspiration of God, it is also there to Reproof,For correction and for Instruction in Righteousness.

(2 Timothy 3:16)

Whenever you find yourself in a church that their doctrine is questionable please leave the church to avoid yourself from given into their own doctrine. Inching Ears are everywhere nowadays, people don’t want to hear the Truth any more may God help Christianity.

Have A Blessed Day.



July 7, 2016


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