Please oh this “it is the devil’s hand work” is getting too much. The bible said that it is when we have been drawn away by our own lust that is when we fall into sin and mind you once you are drawn away that is when the devil Strick’s so who started it?

We should try as much as possible to abstain ourselves from things that will lead to lust. Don’t give him(the devil) room because a small room we give the devil can turn to a huge disaster and i pity people that play’s with sin and thinks they can not fall prey. How will you play with oil and think you will not get stained. Your level of anointing should not deceive you. If the devil could tempt Jesus immediately He finished a 40days and 40nights prayer and fasting, then you should know that he can tempt us at anytime,stand you ground. The big Question here is are we bold enough to tell him get behind Me Satan? God help us…..


May 26, 2016

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