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And Balaam answered and said unto the servants of Balak, If Balak would give me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot go beyond the word of the Lord my God, to do less or more.
Numbers 22:18 KJV

Good day to you today’s write-up is going to be brief but important to note. No compromise in the scripture above we have Prophet Balaam telling the messagers of a great king that no matter the offer of the King he will only do what God tells him to do, at this point I want you to imagine something the Prophet said even if you give me your house full of silver and gold wonderful you know that a king’s house is usually big I mean very big I am not talking about a commoner here, a great king with great resources can only end up in a huge Palace  I can imagine Prophet Balaam being the richest Prophet of His time. If it was you in this situation or let me take you to another instance.

Imagine You were offered a huge some of money and asked to testify against somebody and you look at the money involved and you say I can’t turn than this offer is too big to let go my dear today I have come to tell you that when you are of God you don’t compromise with Him.

If you are for God stand with Him don’t stand with him when you are living well and you have no issue but when you have issues you run to Egypt.  No compromise as for me and my house we will serve the Lord So Joshua said in the Bible he didn’t care if the others will follow him.


I have decided in my heart to serve my God in good times and in bad time, we compromise a lot as Christians in things that we just see as common the Apostles of old despite the fact that they were being persecuted went about preaching the Good news of Christ they didn’t compromise the work of God because of their lives no wonder God wrath a lot of Miracles through them, we should go back to the time when Christians were truly called Christians they didn’t compromise for any reason what So ever.

When we weigh God and something else and we end up choosing the other thing over God be it a human being  or any other thing what so ever then we have compromised. Most times we have certain things we just can’t let go for God we prefer to compromise.  Sometimes we do it out of ignorance but check yourself today to be sure you are not compromising God.  Below are few things you should check in case you are wondering where to start your checking from after going through the below points take some minutes off and think trust me it will help.

Check Yourself
You ask for A Good Job God gives you one and you compromise your church services with your job.

Please check yourself.

You ask God for a child and He gives you one then you begin to compromise your love for God with your child.

Please check yourself.

You Pray Earnestly for a Marriage partner God gives you one and you compromise you marriage with your God.

Please check Yourself.

You pray for A Miracle and our Faithful Father who gives us our heart desires gives you the Miracle and then it turns to be a fence between you and God.

Please check yourself.

You Asked God for a Car and He gives you within the space of months the car begins to create a boundary between you and God.

Please Check Yourself.

You pray To God To bless you with Finances and After He does so your money keeps you far away from God.

Please Check Yourself.

A church program is going on in church you are in your house watching your favorite television program.

Please Check Yourself.

You prefer to go to a party rather than church it is well

Please Check Yourself.

Hope it was Brief like I said

Stay Blessed and Remember No Compromise. We compromise the power of God too but that topic is for another day what ever you do please and please let God comes first don’t compromise.




January 13, 2017

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