They say it is easier said than done

How TRUE I remembered I once wrote on  ➡ COMPROMISE ⬅ It is something we should look at with a critical consideration here is what happened to me and I was like God Thank You after everything because if it had not been the help of God I would have COMPROMISED.

Let me fill you up so we will be on the same page.
Have you ever been in a situation were you had just a second to either say the Truth or Lie?
Very tempting I must say, I wish you are never caught in such a state but I was In such a situation/State and guess what it was a simple YES OR NO Question surprising a Yes would have landed me in getting a regular additional income and my Father (God)  would have been sad while a No would just leave me in my current state back then, and my Father (God) would be happy, happy not that I am in the same state but because I choose Him over Earthly Treasures. How my head was up and down, spinning for just half a second that day, but all thanks to God the reply was a No and I was glad I picked No.

Many a times the devil really knows how to trap Christians and make them compromise, Remember Job I cannot imagine what he must have gone through yet he was still Faithful he is surely a case study I pray I would have time to write about The Benefits of Job Suffering watch out for that.

Back to today’s Topic
It comes in divers ways for example a guy born Again, Tongues speaking, being chased by a beautiful lady and something lead to another he couldn’t control it because he has been offered the cake at a Plata of Gold just decided to eat the cake and clean his mouth. To him,
he thinks he can just come back and ask God for forgiveness and of a certain God will forgive him but never did he know he just prevented a huge Blessing that was coming his way.

Note This whenever the devil brings a very tough Compromising situation to you it is because he wants to prevent something extraordinary from coming your way if you can just come out without Compromising trust me the Blessing attached to it will be Fabulous.

I would love to use another example here before I stop writing you see.

There was once a man working for the government of his country he was an high ranking civil Servant, had connections and could put people into different positions in the government agency. He was also very committed in his Christian faith, he would not do anything to tarnish his name and bring shame to God’s Name. Very Honest, Had the spirit of Integrity.

The government wanted to give a contract out and he was to approve of whom the contract is awarded to.
A lot of people &  companies submitted their quotations.  A particular man popular too came with his quotation and was begging to get the contract that he will do what so ever to get it, he offered this civil Servant a huge some of money and guessed what happened.
The civil Servant got angry and told the man that for insulting him by trying to bride him, he will never get the contract he said, others may take but he will not because he has much respect for God than men, he said I can’t compromise my faith for money that will finish one day.
And that was how he lived his life, do you know that the promotions he got after that period was Fabulous, It was something he was not expecting.

Now I know you must have understood what I have being trying to say.
Say no to compromise, it maybe hard but still remain Faithful what lies ahead is far better than what you would get from what so ever the offer maybe.

Remain Blessed.


Chris Supamee Elijah

April 3, 2017

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