Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water.

Genesis 21:19A

Very closed but far This is amazing I came across this verse recently and I started thinking and I asked myself some questions.

  • 1.Why didn’t Hagar see the well when she got there at first?
  • 2.How far was the well from her that she didn’t see it until her eyes were opened?

You see we Christians a lot of times we are like Hagar we don’t see our open door/doors close to us, our eyes are closed to our victory, to our solution, to our way of escape we are totally blinded by our situations and problems that we can’t see the answer right at our front, stop meditating on that problem if you want to go through it. I found out from research that the well was closed at hand to Hagar that means it was extremely closed


  • 1. Spiritual  blindness
  • This is one of the major Cause and this is caused when we
  1. Become cold in Faith
  2. Weak in Prayers
  3. Weak in fasting
  4. Weak in God’s Work.
  • 2. She Magnified her situation

Another mistake she did was making her situation, she was extremly devastated about it that she left her baby to die. Let me ask you reading  this question “who told you what you are passing through right now is onto death?”. Don’t magnify that situation anymore please.

  • 3. Cares of the world

When we listen too much to what people are saying a times it stops us from seeing. It confuses us and we just wave our eyes over certain things that we need.

When we are faced with challenges our faith must be intact and firm not shaking. The moment our faith is shakened there is a problem.

  • 5. Sin

Sin is another Major hindrance stay clear of sin if you want your eyes to constantly be open.

Don’t doubt God in any way.

  • 7. Lack of understanding of God Hospitality.

Understand That God has the best prescription for your in every problem. He is the best Doctor ever. He cares for you no matter what you have done, or going through.

Thinking we know too much, we tend to take minor things as a regular and not important. We think we understand everything about God. So we don’t give attention to somethings which may be the solution. The over look little things my dear stop it.

  • 9. Ingratitude.

God loves people that are grateful when we are not grateful to Him He may blind our eyes to our next step ahead.

These are but a few I believe there are more you can also contribute any one that comes to your mind in the comment box thanks.

Always Pray this Prayer.

God open my eyes to see my next Step.

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October 20, 2016

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