You can talk to everybody but you cannot make everybody your friends,you have to make a community of friends that are going in the same direction or in line with you(That is people that have the same goal with you). You friends can make you achieve your goals and they can also make you go astray. Make the right choice when choosing you friends it is not everybody that say I like you as a friend that you will make your friend some people just want you as friends to take and take from you(it is good to give)but avoid such friends. Friends that hardly talk about God flee from such people I repeat Flee from such people. I talk a lot like people say,I associate with a lot of people but I have very few friends so many people call mee their friends while the are just church members, neighbors, schoolmates etc please you are close to somebody doesn’t make you the persons friend take NOTE . It is better to have just 1 friend that is wise and God fearing than to have millions of friends that will not benefit you in anyway.BE WISE.




May 7, 2016

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