The chickens. The males are called rooster, cock or roo while the females are called a HEN, today we will be talking more about the HEN.

Smiles please keep calm let us ride on gentle, I know you would say they are silly, stupid and what ever, but you know they are

➡ Good parents,

➡ They are persistence,

➡ Their stubbornness is something we should look at.

➡ They are always at alert,

➡ They are time conscious

smiles let us move forward


Yes they are Good parents, you know a hen nature and protects it baby chick before we talk about it being born before it is born it always keeps its eggs warm and it is very Necessary to keep them warm till they are ready to be hatched, they protect their eggs from raccoons, dogs, coyotes, snakes, rats, birds and other egg eating animals.

Now after the chick’s have come into the world it protects them with all it strength and ability from Eagles remember the Eagles right don’t forget to read about them here ➡EAGLES⬅ back to the HEN.

The mother HEN see to it that it chick’s are close by to keep them safe and once they have come of age it release them to face the world.

➡Are They Good Parents Or Not? ⬅

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Parenting is not an easy task,  I pray God gives me the strength to face that when I come of age. But you must pick up this few parenting lessons, which are Care & Protection & Teaching. “Train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it” If you don’t care for them the world will care for them and don’t forget the world have evil people who can mislead them, protect them from any thing that rises, teach them the right direction to follow and remember when they are ripe enough to face the world don’t hesitate to let them loose.


No matter how you chase a hen or chickens from somewhere it will come back, they just go for a while just like the goats yet they come back again to continue from where they stopped.

Let us talk a little about the Cocks, have you ever seen a cock going after a hen, it is like a battle, despite the resistance from the HEN the cock still press on till it get what he is after that is persistence in play.

➡Don’t Just give up because of the NO  you get try again like the widow disturbed the unrighteous judge in the Bible trust me you will get it if you can persist.

To the next point.

To be sincere there is a smile on my face as I am writing this but we still have to draw Wisdom from everywhere necessary to become wise. Like I said to the next point.


Hmmmmmm I had the privilege of growing up in a settlement where chickens roam about without restrictions (talking like they are humans) you know it is good to experience nature a times. A chicken picks the tiniest noise and immediately it starts raising alarm for others to take note. Sometimes it even warns humans of dangers. For example when they see a snake the raise alarm.

➡Be at alert don’t get carried away by the distractions of the world, be vigilant in your search for greener pasture in order to Know when to step back or step a side or  move forward, only a focus individual can see some dangers before they arise and avoid them. Be you brothers keeper don’t see danger and avoid it alone tell others so they too can avoid it.
To the last but not the list


The Chickens don’t move around immediately they see the place getting dark they go to their sleeping zone, till the next day you won’t see them, in essence they know and obey their sleeping time, also the cock crows every morning it doesn’t miss it’s time in some yet to be developed villages they use that to Know the time. Some people in such villages it is the cock crowing that wakes them up so the Roo act as an alarm in time past and in some underdeveloped villages today.

➡What is the lesson from this point? Be time conscious don’t be cut doing things at the wrong time a chicken will not walk in the night looking for food,  always work with time.
May God Help Us

Remain Blessed




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