I suddenly found myself thinking on a dull evening

and this question flashed through my mind. If I have the chance to change something in my past what will it be?. I started thinking back to know the exact moment of change that will make me happy; not just happy but extremely happy, well I couldn’t conclude on a particular mistake to reverse and I gave up the in-depth search. The past can be so congested with mistakes that trying to solve them all will take forever to finish.

Always remember this, the past is in the past and nomatter how we try, we can’t go back in time, but we can change the present. Mistakes happens, yes they do, most times we have the opportunity to prevent them from happening but in lieu with the fact that we default in making the right decision we fall right into them living with the pains and the scars it leaves behind. Please, you don’t need to change anything in the past what you need do is to make sure that your present doesn’t need a changing in the future, the past might have been rough, harsh, cruel, painful etc. that doesn’t mean you can’t fine tune the present.

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You Are A VVIP

Today i want you to know the Gospel truth and nothing but the truth.

You are a VVIP not just a common individual, hey don’t listen to that insane person belittling you, hear me now you are a Very Very Important Personality.
How did I know this?
Imagine Jesus leaving his throne because of you, he left his pleasures, he put a side his Honour, power and dominion as the son of the Only living God to lay down his life for you, my dear that happened because you are not a common person you are loved by the most Holy One that alone describe the fact that you are special. He could have sent an angel or maybe a prophet or someone else but no he came by himself all because you are an important personality.
Never let any human born of a woman take your position, live in the confidence that you are special, you are wonderful and fearfully made. You are not a mistake, you are purpose filled. A show piece of God’s beauty and awesomeness.
You are a VVIP.


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The thought of yesterday,
Will not all you to concentrate on today, Which will give you less time to plan your tomorrow.
Forget the Past.
P = Put
A = All your
S = Setback In
T = The trash.
Life is a place where we learn and unlearn things.
The past gives us more experience and helps us to live a better tomorrow.
Today is an eraser that helps us correct our wrongs.

                Chris Elijah