Let Mee tell you something that happened to Mee Last Month. I had some visitors in my compound and we had to do a lot of work, we were about rounding up everything and one of my friend walked up to Mee and said I am so famished so i decided to rush and prepare something very fast, now what to prepare was not certain and he said Indomie and Egg and truly truly it was the quickest thing I could do then for him, so I ran to the kitchen prepared it as fast as I could now trying to rush up I didn’t allow the Egg to cook up to 100% it was boiled for let Mee say 80% (looking at the Yolk) now after he finished eating he said thank you it was sweet but learn how to boil egg  I could not but wonder at what he said “I should learn how to boil egg” I took it as a joke but thinking on that again I came to the conclusion that no matter what we do in Life we should do it well don’t rush take your time and don’t try to skip or avoid somethings in order to finish on time do it to your satisfaction because if any mistake is made the same people you were trying to please will be the same people that will make jest of you at the end so stay calm do you thing and do it well let them wait till you are through in what ever you are doing. 

Have A Blessed Day.



#IN_HIS_PRESENCE (#Called_To_Worship)

August 15, 2016


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