Believe it or not together we Stand divided we fall. From on set in the early days at the creation of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9, Even God confirmed the power of Unity. Anything can be done if there is unity,agreement and a common goal. It is easier to work as a team than to work alone.More hands and Heads can carry out a work faster. They say Two heads are better than one which is true but I prefer saying it this way Two good heads are better than one because it can also be two bad heads which is not proper to get involve in.  Imagine only a Goalkeeper without His Ten players how will the football play be? .Imagine a bank with only a Managing Director(MD) No body under the individual how will the person Manage?


By sharing

By Trusting

By Working Together

By having A common Goal.

By Abiding in  Love.

By standing for each others no matter the challenge,  watching each others back. taking Dangerous Steps together.

By keeping secrets.

By hearing out each other.

By knowing each other.

By Praying and Fellowshiping Together.
Have A Blessed Day


July 18, 2016

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