Are you serious do you need somebody to tell you this again no problems let me remind you.

Do You Know that you have the DNA of God?

God lives in You.

So Why should you be worried

Why should You be Sad common wipe out that sadness  and smile no matter the problems Smile, no matter the Delay Smile, 

Just smile be Happy.

Do you also know that when we are happy we make the devil angry? Because we make his effort to make us sad Useless my dear Do me a Favour Just Smile……….

Hey Ignite The Smile of Someone Today.

What Happens When We Smile

1.It makes Us look Younger, If you want to look younger than your age SMILE

2.You forget Your Disturbing Situation

3.It makes people SMILE

4.It makes people find it difficult To know when you are down ( For those that don’t like second party in their private lives)

5.It makes the devil Confused.

6.It eases your worries.

7.It makes God Happy.

8.It makes Things to  Turn out Good For You.

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October 13, 2016

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