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DOWNLOAD Oshimira Atata By Preye Odede

Preye odede

Preye Odede is one minister of God that God has been using to reach out to the world. His hit Track “Ebezina” is still seek for by many. Here is another track tagged

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Oshimiri Atata” which means the River that never runs dry. God indeed can never run dry. You should have this track in your cell phone.

Download, Listen and don’t forget to share with friends.





Ebezina — Preye Odede

Omeka Nnaya — Mercy Chinwo


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Think On This

You should think on this for a minute or two.
Don’t live a double standard life, be yourself in and out, a double identity will add more stress to your life and then your real self is hidden. People tend to doubt your opinions when you speak amongst the crowd. If you say you are this be that.

You were born great, complete and perfectly made by God don’t wait for someone to tell you that.

Chris Supamee Elijah

You must be for something and not everything, don’t let every breeze that comes carry you.

Chris Supamee Elijah 

Nobody can change the fact about who you are, so let them talk, people must talk about you because you are important.

Chris Supamee Elijah



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DOWNLOAD Najite All in His hand Mp3

Najite All in His hand mp3
Najite El_David Popularly called Najite is a woman reaching out to the world from Rivers State, Nigeria. She is indeed blessing lives across the world through her ministry. All in his hand is a song that encourages people to go to God no matter what they are in search of because everything is in his hand and he will definitely give it to you when you ask. Please download listen and share it with friends God bless you.





Download Also Wahala Ft Najite here

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Accept Change

Please keep calm and read I’m not talking about Political change here.

Accept change today most times I know it is hard to believe that so call girl/boy has changed and is now going the right direction but with a benefit of doubt give the person a second chance to correct his/her wrongs. We have come to understand that the only thing that is constant in life is change funny enough even you tell people that change is constant so why are you finding it hard to believe that brother X and sister Y has been touched by God? Why are you doubting the power of the God that you serve? the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord and he can do what so ever he pleases with it.

  • Why must we accept change?

When a person tells you I’m a new person that my old self is gone and you give the person certain respond what you say plays a role to the persons recovery process, it can serve as a catalyst to help his changing process move faster or it can take the person back into exile. Please even the bible says we should speak words that encourage and not bring down, encourage such individuals with nice words that will help them stand. Believe it or not it is a privilege that you are who you are today, iron sharpeneth iron why not sharpen the person up.
You and I have our parts to play in the life of a changed person.
Give it a try today.

Nobody would have believed that Apostle Paul would stand for Christ the way he did but when God was ready to use him even him acknowledged the mightiness of Gods power, Imagine Paul asking WHO ARE YOU LORD?  he knew there’s God but still was living his life against the kingdom of God but when his day of change came he became a powerful weapon in the hands of God. I believe that your friend, that you brother, that so-called classmate of yours has encounter the light so stop doubting and start helping the person stand strong today.

Chris Supamee Elijah – writes

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Let’s go It’s time to move on

I felt like elaborating on this a little. 

Life is a place where it’s either you’re move or you’re remaining at a spot, if you are moving you are safe, if you are remaining at a spot there are two things involved is either you are scared to move or you are still gathering facts at this junction both directions are not safe.
First of all what are you scared of? Is it that your parents and great grand parents did not succeed at it Or that nobody has ever achieved success in what is on your mind well I don’t know what you are scared of but let me remind you God didn’t give us the spirit of fear, what he gave us was the spirit of power, love and a sound mind so whatever is making you scared should not any longer. Listen fear is not real. What you’re scared of is just trying to stop you from achieving greatness in life. So kill that fear and start moving. Everybody is not your name, they failed doesn’t mean you too will fail come on start something, until you start that fear will no go away. For more talk about fear click here.
For the second category please are you waiting for the coming of Christ? For how long shall you continue to get ready? Remaining at a spot thinking will do you know good why don’t you try this approach while you still carry on with your thinking: Take the first step while you’re still thinking and keep on moving that way. Something you should know is that everyday brings us closer to the coming of Christ and it also brings us closer to death in as much as I’m not praying we die anytime soon but l must tell you the truth one day we will all go up to glory when that day comes I don’t want regrets and I don’t want the graveyard to be happy for claiming a new purpose filled life. People of old didn’t spend all their lives thinking no no no they started from somewhere so I urge you today start from somewhere.
What ever may be keepinou please deal with it and start moving let your everyday bring you closer to the achievement of your goals may GOD help us AMEN
Hope This piece gives you a push…


Chris Supamee Elijah ✍✍✍✍✍

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“Start Already What are you waiting For? The clock is ticking”

Chris Supamee Elijah

CEOs and Business founders did not just think, they didn’t just do research on their ideas, you know what? the started it, nobody will call you CEO until the see what you can do and trust me they won’t see it inside your head. You have to bring it out for the world to see then they can call your the owner of such business. Listen you have dwelt so long on this thought take a step, don’t worry about how it will turn out the CEO of Facebook despite the dispatching of his friends that didn’t see anything in their ideas, still stepped out and today he is one of the richest people in the world who knows, history maybe made today. The time is ticking make haste now, now is the perfect time to throw your net. If you must also know

“Time will not wait for you, you have to move with time or it will leave you, the future will tell what you did today”.
Chris Supamee Elijah 

Start Today.



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Morning Muse on this. We have a garden to keep, there is no doubt,  there will be weeds trying to contend with the real plants, it is our responsibility to remove the weeds for the important plants to grow.

Such is life, things will arise to prevent the real us from growing, as weeds are removed, remove them out of your life If you want to grow well.



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