ant-bridge.jpgLearn from the Ants

Small but yet wise, they work very hard during the dry season to reduce their work in the raining season I call that Wisdom and time management, they can carry twenty(20) times their body size wonderful you may see them small but they are powerful,they see themselves as able to any task. The ants also posses one unique virtue which is unity, the move together in a chain format(A colony), their team work is something one can emulate another surprising thing is that the have no leader. They know the power of unity and they speak one language when it comes to decision-making.

Humans have difference that I know, but understanding each other is also something we need to do. No man is an island like they say. At one point or the other we Need people, two Heads are better than one (Two good heads anyways), most time people try things alone to no avail but when the join their ideas with some other person they find out that they are making progress, so don’t push out all the people who come to you some are also Catalyst sent by God to help your brand move to your place.

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February 13, 2017

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