ANGER Dangerous attribute to have. It is just a state when we go insane due to things we think is not appropriate.

But let us reason this together why get angry when you can over look things, you put yourself through the stress of doing something crazy only for you to regret later. A lot of people are suffering from a sickness I call “HOT TEMPER” they can’t control it when it set lose, my question is why let it get to that point. They say the best answer to a fool is silence. It is not a must to respond to every crisis or every trouble that is thrown at your face. Besides there are so many ways to do that but most importantly I will advice you never to do anything in you angry start just walk away and then when you are relaxed you respond if need be. Do you know that the way you handle yourself when people pushes you to the limit makes others respect you?. Let me tell you a little story.

There was once a boy in a school no matter what anybody does to him, he respect himself and avoid causing a scene even if he is right and the other person is wrong, even if he is very angry he will not raise his hand or say a word. He did this from his first year in high school down to his fifth year not knowing he was being noticed and carefully watched. One faithful day his classmates were just given themselves remarks and somebody asked who is the most self respected person in the class to his greatest surprise somebody he hardly talk’s to called his name and immediately others said yes that his true. He was surprise but yet they all said he is worth it.

End of Story

You may think nobody is watching you but every action you take is being notice by somebody you don’t know, so if you find yourself in a situation that you can’t contain yourself just walk out of that environment. Because hot Temper doesn’t pay I remember I use to have this Attribute in the past but with time I came to understand that it is not worth it I just had to let go of it because if I should get myself in a combat and I injure someone or something more dangerous should happen I will be faced with the regret and all the problems. You can not catch me being angry for up to a minute I remember a friend of mine telling me that i get angry this minute and the next minute am happy again and I was like what is the use staying angry for long what good does it give Just let go and even the person will feel bad about everything and come to apologized. The only thing An Hot Tempered person get is put him/her self into trouble or cause a scene in every little matter, create a bad reputation for him/her self. Please Tame Your Temper and Avoid getting angry don’t let people know when you are angry stay cool and may God help us.

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November 9, 2016

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