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Our God sees above the human age, He doesn’t care about our age all He want is a willing heart, a willing vessel, all He want are people that will just Dedicate their life’s to be used by God, once God sees this kind of people he makes use of them in His kingdom. Make yourself available for God to use you and you will be amazed at what He will do through you.


Everybody has something to face in life, we must go through situations and Challenges, now how do we get through them successfully?.

  • 1.Be Ready (It Must Come)

Yes it must come situations,challenges problems,obstacles they must come so get ready for them.

  • 2.What Are YouMeditating      On?

Yes what are you meditating on I think we can get through it by what we meditate on, forget what the challenge is, don’t meditate on that, what ever challenge you find yourself in, remember God first, meditate on God and His promises.

  • 3.Speak Gods Words

Very important Speak His words to the challenge by doing this you strengthen your FAITH, TRUST AND ASSURANCE in God and you become BOLD. Once those three are available and your BOLDNESS in GOD is strong, be sure that you will not sink in that challenge but come out victoriously.

  • 4.Be A Worshipper/Praiser

I do this a lot you forget what you are going through and sing songs to God Worship Him,Praise Him for your victory for what He has done for you. And You will be surprise the magic this can do for you.

  • 5.Vigilante

Be at alert you never can tell when it will come, we have to always be vigilante so we don’t mis  it because we may get our answer in a way we don’t expect it to come.

I know there are more ways but this is a few you can mention others in the comment box thanks
Meditate on the right things daily

Have a blessed day

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June 24, 2016

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