​As we go higher in our christian life aiming at maturity we should never think for a second that we have reached a point that the Devil can do us no harm or tempt us because the higher you go the more the devil will bring more enticing sins to bring you down. And mind you the devil is wise and every mistake of a christian he makes very good use of it.

Everyday of our life we should pray for the grace to remain firm and rooted in Christ because the race is not to the swift or the strong if the grace of God is missing in your life then you are walking in a dangerous path way. Abide in the husband man because is only Him that can keep us in the time of trouble, only Him can make us Strong and Bold. May God Help Us.

Have A Blessed Day.


#IN_HIS_PRESENCE (Called_To_Worship)


August 12, 2016


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