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The thought of yesterday,
Will not all you to concentrate on today, Which will give you less time to plan your tomorrow.
Forget the Past.
P = Put
A = All your
S = Setback In
T = The trash.
Life is a place where we learn and unlearn things.
The past gives us more experience and helps us to live a better tomorrow.
Today is an eraser that helps us correct our wrongs.

                Chris Elijah

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Just Believe By Lubrikz

Lucky Bright komene popularly known as Lubrikz is a gospel rapper from ogoni in Rivers State.
He started his music career a year after graduating from secondary school.
In His Words
I Got inspired and I wrote just believe and I believe its going to be a blessing to the society.

Just Believe Is an inspiration song, just to encourage the world that we need to believe in God one day he will come through for us.
Please Download, listen and don’t to share with friends God bless you greatly