Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet?

Proverbs 6:28 GNT

Something to muse on 

Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet  it is an amazing question  to think on, do you think that you can place a hot iron on your palm and you wouldn’t get burnt. 

Sometimes we play with  sin and think we can escape when it consequences comes, sometimes we feel nothing will happen because we are born Again,  Holy Ghost filled, very hot Christian

Shall we continue in sin that grace May abide no God forbid.

If you are for Christ be for Him don’t be one leg in and one leg out today you are here tomorrow there, no matter how protected you think you are with the scriptures if you toil too much with sin you would fall in victim did I say to much even a little toiling can land you in a huge mess.  I remember once I usually say nobody can influence me to doing something bad, and I could argue with anybody on it until a Faithful day I argued with a lady and she sighted something that made me realize that yes I know the truth but the more closer you get to sin the more far away you get from God and one day you would be surprised that you are completely living in the doctrine of the world.

I want to plead with you reading this avoid sin and Temptations will be less for you mind you I did not say Temptations will avoid you I said it will be less on you.  Sometimes I find myself in a very tight position and I get angry with myself because I was not vigilant enough to see the pathway on time not because I am insensitive but because I was too over confident  that I know what I am doing and I can control it my dear don’t try to control sin flee from it.

Sometimes you just have to cut off that relationship and friendships to stay safe, sometimes you just have to create a distance between people because you don’t want to go off from the right path.

May God Help Us to remain in His Vineyard.






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The things we say to sound spiritual and score some spiritual point before observers.

Many years ago in Lagos, Nigeria an incidence occurred. A member of my church was robbed, his house was actually burgled while he was away. He came to the church to share his pain with the church board “deacons”. One deacon said to him, “you have been robbed because you do not have the spirit of God. If you had the spirit of God nobody can rob you.”

Well fast forward that weekend, our deacon’s house was burgled while he was in CHURCH (in the presence of the Lord) and everything stolen including a box containing all of his valuable credentials. While he lamented to other members on the board one deacon laughed out loud, called him by name and said to him “I hope you know this shows that you do not have the spirit of God in you? “

Sometime ago in a meeting for gospel artists somebody raised his hands to contribute and his contribution was, “gospel artists are not doing well because they do not pay their tithes”. Hmmmmm a meeting that was positioned to help find solutions.

Fast forward many months later he has been on a free fall.

Would this suggest that he also doesn’t pay tithes? At least that was his argument. Or is it a case of God using one to speak even when he is as guilty also?

Too many Christian trying to score some spiritual points when in public. I hope people understand the implication of what they say. All these scoring of points I see here and there. It is well.


The challenge is not in what you have. The quantity is inconsequential. What you do with what you have is the real deal. All that you need lies on the inside of you and all that you have is most likely all that you need.

Start with what you have, start where you are, your possibilities lie first in starting.


A few things on social media speak volume about you. They can either credit you or discredit you faster than you think.

  • Your Profile picture: Every picture tells a story. Your picture could most likely be saying “dumb, broken, battered, abused, it could even scream thief” while you are saying to yourself, smart, fly, intelligent and good to go. Always remember, that nobody hears what you say to yourself or think of yourself in the digital space, they connect more with the pictures you share.
  • Your profile : Profiling is a big deal. Your profile picture could just scream “Joker”.

These things increasingly are forming buying perceptions for those who intend to buy into you. It could just be the reason the digital space continue to yield zero results regardless of the value you truly bear.

Your profile picture and profile can decide your price tag even before you speak.

People will come to you desperate to get the best of you and many time get all of you. When you offer them the standards they suggest a compromise. They will ask you to cheat with them on the standards, yet hoping to gain the benefits and effects of the standards. You know this will never happen right?  When you compromise, you will always fall short of the standards. They will tell the world how you cheated on the standards and failed, all of the evidence will be in their favour, they will never tell their part in the plot.

Anyways, when that happens, say to yourself life happens and keep moving like nothing ever happened.

But remember, never fall short twice.

Everybody is in the COMPETITION, except of course for those who are only passing by life. With life, the competition is instinctive. We are all almost without our permission, in a competition to win,  to be the best, exude more value, to best and top our class, to stand out. But then, being in a competition is more like raw talent. Everybody has some talent, not everybody has and can refine their talents. Yet, everybody with talent wants to win. Beyond being in a competition, smart minds understand the concept of being COMPETITIVE, the very act that gives you the edge around the competition and many times renders the competition irrelevant.

The competition is always a direct idea, a straight race, a straight jacket but being competitive is dynamic. It might require a pendulum drive and at other times some random zigzag approach and many times you have to lean back to win or spot your winning move.




having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

More often than non, I have noticed that people who often refer to others as arrogant do that in response to timidity. At a closer look, I have discovered that they confuse the aire of confidence for self-importance and the fact that the ability of their “supposed” victim consistently stands out and makes them invincible when they come out hurts. I have also noticed that people who have been referred to as arrogant have some things in common, they are excellent at what they do, they are high flyers, achievers, go getters, and confident. Those who refers to people easily and all the time as arrogant are timid, needy, needing recognition, and many times have achieved nothing worthy of mention.

You want to do a check?  When next someone says to you XYZ is arrogant ask how and why, you will almost never get a valuable reason.

More popular around the world and in the African space is the “Do it yourself” (DIY)  approach to music business, technically breaking the walls of a proper music business structure, especially the record label structure. We have our debates for and against this approach, nonetheless the advantage(s) of a proper structure like a record company stare us in the face.

People are stronger in community, people are stronger together, people are stronger in organization especially when it is structured.

The Bible has its stand and consideration for structure, partnership, community and organisations;

Ecclesiastes 4:9 (KJV)

“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour”.

When we look at the music Industry, we see an attempt at two broad classification, the Secular and Gospel acts.

Daily the secular acts and their representatives continue to strive to see that they weren’t proper structure to aid what they do. Constantly, those who started off as indie acts continue to metamorphose into structured brands allowing them to accommodate, and grow New acts.

My question here now is; how many record companies do we have representing Gospel artistes I think this is a good place to start.

It is actually true that a number of people have attempted to start record companies for Gospel acts  but have met some brick walls from the artistes.


  1. “God” is always instructing the artiste to start his own project: The test of this “God” Instruction is always with time. After a period of time and all that “God” says fails, they blame the devil for fighting too hard after knowing Gods plans for their life. They never want to be under another. Have you heard of any Nigerian Gospel who is big get signed or any go through their contact completely? Maybe just one or two.
  • Gospel artists lack the understanding of structure : I like to use a practical example. At Mirus we have Six acts and to effectively manage their project they have to take turns. This allow us to focus especially knowing they cannot be out in the media space at the same time. I recall a Gospel act saying he can’t do that. He can’t work where he has to take turns. “What if God wants him to put out a song right now , them” men” (that is the word of commonality. A religious way to berate a leader with the religious circles) will say no, he must wait for his turn”.  Sadly this true story is a clear representation of some Gospel artiste.

  • There is always a lack of true sense of purpose; This is why an artiste will reel out a number of ideas they refer to as purpose but will take no practical decision to achieve it. People say, i want to reach out to all the Nations of the world but do not think they need an organised structure to do that. This is the reason even when they attempt to do it on their own, they fail at putting together an organised structure. Many Gospel acts are in big churches, churches doing incredible things for God and reaching out to Nations and yet these acts fail to see the value of the Impact of the corporate structure of the church.

  • This is my submission, until the Gospel Music industry let me also add Ministry (some people will fight me over the use of the word industry in their most “Spiritual sense”) will rethink her stand and understanding, there is just a whole lot we cannot achieve.

    Lastly when topics like these are raised people always want to bring up a 1% statistics as their case for debate. When you bring your case for debate, do well to place it against what has been done across the world and what can be done.


    “Our LIFE is A Sheer Function of Our Thoughts and Words we Speak Concerning our Selves. We are no Different from Our Believes and Our Words gives all the Life to Our Thoughts…”


    “If my life stands for nothing, then i have lost all things…”


    “Life is Dynamic”


    “What u see influences What you think about you. What you spend time looking at you eventually become. Each time you set your heart on a problem your worth diminishes and God reduces in magnitude.”


    “Perception is the key to fulfilling your destiny. Never see yourself less than God sees you.”


    “You cannot be any greater than your thoughts.”


    Relationship is the Currency of Life




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    The chickens. The males are called rooster, cock or roo while the females are called a HEN, today we will be talking more about the HEN.

    Smiles please keep calm let us ride on gentle, I know you would say they are silly, stupid and what ever, but you know they are

    ➡ Good parents,

    ➡ They are persistence,

    ➡ Their stubbornness is something we should look at.

    ➡ They are always at alert,

    ➡ They are time conscious

    smiles let us move forward


    Yes they are Good parents, you know a hen nature and protects it baby chick before we talk about it being born before it is born it always keeps its eggs warm and it is very Necessary to keep them warm till they are ready to be hatched, they protect their eggs from raccoons, dogs, coyotes, snakes, rats, birds and other egg eating animals.

    Now after the chick’s have come into the world it protects them with all it strength and ability from Eagles remember the Eagles right don’t forget to read about them here ➡EAGLES⬅ back to the HEN.

    The mother HEN see to it that it chick’s are close by to keep them safe and once they have come of age it release them to face the world.

    ➡Are They Good Parents Or Not? ⬅

     👍                  👎

    Parenting is not an easy task,  I pray God gives me the strength to face that when I come of age. But you must pick up this few parenting lessons, which are Care & Protection & Teaching. “Train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it” If you don’t care for them the world will care for them and don’t forget the world have evil people who can mislead them, protect them from any thing that rises, teach them the right direction to follow and remember when they are ripe enough to face the world don’t hesitate to let them loose.


    No matter how you chase a hen or chickens from somewhere it will come back, they just go for a while just like the goats yet they come back again to continue from where they stopped.

    Let us talk a little about the Cocks, have you ever seen a cock going after a hen, it is like a battle, despite the resistance from the HEN the cock still press on till it get what he is after that is persistence in play.

    ➡Don’t Just give up because of the NO  you get try again like the widow disturbed the unrighteous judge in the Bible trust me you will get it if you can persist.

    To the next point.

    To be sincere there is a smile on my face as I am writing this but we still have to draw Wisdom from everywhere necessary to become wise. Like I said to the next point.


    Hmmmmmm I had the privilege of growing up in a settlement where chickens roam about without restrictions (talking like they are humans) you know it is good to experience nature a times. A chicken picks the tiniest noise and immediately it starts raising alarm for others to take note. Sometimes it even warns humans of dangers. For example when they see a snake the raise alarm.

    ➡Be at alert don’t get carried away by the distractions of the world, be vigilant in your search for greener pasture in order to Know when to step back or step a side or  move forward, only a focus individual can see some dangers before they arise and avoid them. Be you brothers keeper don’t see danger and avoid it alone tell others so they too can avoid it.
    To the last but not the list


    The Chickens don’t move around immediately they see the place getting dark they go to their sleeping zone, till the next day you won’t see them, in essence they know and obey their sleeping time, also the cock crows every morning it doesn’t miss it’s time in some yet to be developed villages they use that to Know the time. Some people in such villages it is the cock crowing that wakes them up so the Roo act as an alarm in time past and in some underdeveloped villages today.

    ➡What is the lesson from this point? Be time conscious don’t be cut doing things at the wrong time a chicken will not walk in the night looking for food,  always work with time.
    May God Help Us

    Remain Blessed




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    Lessons from the Eagles……………….

    Sorry for the break in the Animal lessons today we will be looking at a bird not just an ordinary bird it is a unique bird with unique attributes. Without wasting much time let us look at the attributes of the Eagles.

    Like I said it is a bird yet powerful
    Faces every challenge that comes it way,funny enough they love challenges, it see’s beyond the sight of other birds, it has parenting characteristics, goes for things bigger than itself and is not intimidated by the size of anything he is going for, it doesn’t mingle with other birds, it soar with it kinds. I can go on and on.
    Lessons to grab.


    Here again the spirit of boldness is at play how nice, if animals can display boldness in their dealings then why should a human being be operating in fear. We walk by faith and not by sight so the Bible says in(2 Corinthians 5:7). If you are not bold enough to take the step then you are not qualified or ready to have the success. The Eagles love the storms, other birds avoid or run away from storms but the Eagles Soar right in it “wonderful”.  You must deal with fear if you want to meet to greater heights in life.


    The Bible says be ye not unequally Yoked with the unbelievers smiles please don’t get me wrong here am not saying others are unbelievers but the people you interact with on a regular basis also contributes to your output, they can also slow you down, make you lose focus on your goal, an individual that wants to become a doctor in life should not be found always in the means of Engineering aspirants. When you move with people who have similar goals with yours, people who are of the same field with you, you learn from them and you become stronger and encourage yourself. People go they wrong way due to wrong mingling.


    They see far, you May not have their type of sight but how do you see things do you look at the possible benefits and dangers or you just jump into things without looking at the properly. Having insight is not just enough you need foresight to see and plan the future very well.


    An eagle trains it young once very well, it teaches them to fly mind you it uses a dangerous way to train them, it protects them from predators, it provides food for them when they are young.
    Essence: no matter what be dear for your children, I will kindly tell you if you are a parent reading this before providing the secondary wants of your children make sure they have the primary needs you don’t have to buy them that toy while they lack clothing, now what are these primary Needs of life
    Very essential and must have in life, I pray I create the chance to talk on this again…. For now take note of

    Dare to strive for big Visions, don’t limit yourself to your size, like they say make do with what you have Trust me what you have will go a long way.

    Stay Blessed.





    I will just Continuing from my previous post about our eyes. I have you read this 👉 WHAT ARE YOU SEEING AND HEARING? 

    Read what proverbs says
    Do what I say, and you will live. Be as careful to follow my teaching as you are to protect your eyes.
    Proverbs 7:2 GNT

    How nice our eyes very powerful, one of the pathway into our minds.
    It says we are to protect our eyes it doesn’t mean you should carry something and cover your eyes 24/7.
    It means watch what you look at, the kind of videos and films you watch is not only Pornography that corrupts the mind, now a days the movie industries is becoming Raw!!!!  A lot of silly stuff is going on in there.

    There are some films I just don’t watch, when I got the insight about my eyes being a gateway to my mind I cut off from some movies, Television Series, shows etc. Like I said in the previous post don’t gaze upon a thing twice you could be walking on the way driving or doing one thing or another and your eyes rest upon something silly that is not intentional quickly take off your eyes if you turn again to observe you are at risk, see to it that you protect your eyes from seeing things that will register wrong thoughts in your mind

    May God Help Us all



    Don’t Allow The Pleasure Of Your Eyes  To Cause Your Mind To Be in Danger.  Stay Safe


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