In Regards To my post ➡PLANNED⬅ I will just continue in line with it, since God Has planned everything then we don’t need to worry but when we try to put our own plan into God’s plan then there is a problem. You see a lot of things happens for a particular purpose, things don’t just happen without it having a goal,  there is a time for everything under the sun according to (Ecclesiastes 3).

Most times we miss timing because we feel we are not ready or one thing or the other, when God gives us His timing it is the perfect one what ever He commands do it. Don’t leave it for later, don’t plead for more time to do it, a perfect example I will use is king Hezekial God told Prophet Isaiah to tell him that his time has come he should put things in order but HEZEKAIL felt like he has not done anything, he thought he could still do more, he wasn’t READY.

Now he spent a good number of years pleasing God and when his time came, he was clean and ready to meet with God but he asked for extra years and the manner in which he sent the request to God was On a very Good platform and God had to show to his son mercy and granted him his request but those extra years was hazardous, it was stupid, all his years of labour, moiling and being Faithful was tarnished because he went out of the timing of God.

God has planned everything to Favour you so try to work with the things He gives you don’t run faster than yourself you may run too fast and end up too fast also, allow God to showcase you in every stage of life. Let His Timing prevail over Yours.


I Pray  God Should  Give Us The Grace To Walk With His Timing In Jesus Name Amen.

Remain Blessed.







Two or three people can be looking at a particular scene but yet their views are different, there is a tendency that 2 out of 5 groups won’t stay together for 5 years because of there inability to understand each other point of views. Most times people don’t do things with bad intentions but due to it not being clearly understood by the next person a misinterpretation is what we get from the second party, 

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It Is one thing to know someone’s point of view and it is another thing to understand it too. There ought not to be misunderstanding in so many things but lack of investigation and analysing of information is a challenge.


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After putting your MINDSET in the proper position, you have to believe in yourself, believe is one of the active force that drives people towards achieving their set goals. The potential is inside of you, all you need do is to believe and you will be amazed what you can do. Believe in yourself with no trace of doubt because a little doubt can discourage you when you meet any challenge as you try to achieve your set goals stand firm, through away any fear and doubt in order to completely believe in yourself.

Now believe in yourself and also believe in God. even if you find it very difficult to believe in your capability believe in God. Talking about God, He is always there to help but He also requires you to believe too.
Believing in yourself means believing in the power of the potential that is in your inside, you must believe that you have it in the inside before you can start training it to become strong and reproductive. When building your believe I will advice you avoid people who Are always right. Because whatever you do is wrong in their sight only what they do is right.

Must importantly do not DOUBT what Doubt will only do for you is to make your effort look stupid which ought not to be.

Even When people say cruel things about you just forget what they say don’t be ashamed believe in what you know only time will tell. A times they may say you don’t behave like them you are different,you act differently from them but that is it, you are unique in your own way. Don’t follow their style,way or manner of approach use what you know. Even if it is not the best, you don’t need to copy others, notwithstanding if you are not satisfied with it I mean your way and you think you can do better no problem all you need do is to upgrade your style,but don’t leave what you know to do, to do what you don’t know, it may not work miracles for you as it is working for them. You have to believe in yourself you are the best, am different am unique, the bible calls Me a peculiar person,I was chosen by God, I am created in the image of God. The way you see yourself that is the exert way people of this world will see you don’t see yourself as an inferior being,don’t see yourself as a loser because of some failures you have experience. So many great people in the world have failed more than you have failed yet they still believed in themselves till they achieved success. One thing you must know is that what ever you believe in will work for you. People usually say the Anointing you don’t believe in will never work for you,it is very true and is applicable to our life’s too what ever we don’t believe in will not work, when you hear people say I don’t believe in what ever power that is not of Christ so nothing they do will have effect on Me and you see the person living in no fear is because he/she knows what they believe and who they are so strange powers can have effect or control over them.

Sometimes it is very difficult to believe in a situation that looks hopeless and stupid remember I told you that even God needs us to believe also.

At the wedding in Cana trust me if the people had doubted what Jesus told them to do and they just over look his instructions they wouldn’t have done what he told them, but they believe in Him and carried out his order, and thus was Jesus first Miracle recorded
John 2:1-11

When we believe in what we are and what we can do results comes faster than normal, sometimes we believe or think that what we do can’t bring forth or achieve anything good that is why no matter how hard we try we get nothing from what we do.
Today I want you to kill the doubt and unbelievable and recreate a new mind that sees everything possible may God help us.

Have A  Blessed Day.



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Learn From The GOATS & COWS
As useless as they are they leave landmarks where ever they go.

How is your question now I believe but keep calm have you ever walked pass a street where these two domestic animals have passed by? you must see a deposit, they must drop a faeces especially a herd of cows and their odour is perceived when every they are around. They don’t care who is looking at them they just do their thing Funny I guess a smile is on your face but moral lessons from them

  1. Always deposit something in the places you go don’t just go and leave, make an impact in the lives of people.
  2. Let people sense your presence when you are around, without you saying anything let your lifestyle speak loud for you.
  3. Don’t live your life to please people is only God that we should please, when we live to please people of this world we in turn cage our real self. And live a different lifestyle entirely.
  4. You may have a different opinion here but it is the truth anyways when ever these animals are corrected they take the correction despite the fact that most times they go back.  But what I want us to get here is that take correction, is only a person that loves you that will correct you.
  5. They feed while roaming about but when they go back and they are resting they regurgitated their foods to chew properly.  After a Day stress always go over your thoughts and actions you may not have gotten enough time to think straight or time to make certain decision so go over them again and chew them properly make sure you don’t sleep on an uncorrected mistake because it may cause hazards.
  6. Despite people call them stupid yet they still drink cow milk, give out a product that will make  your gossipers keep quite.

I hope I have covered all the lessons from these animals if you have an extra lesson I will also love to learn from you drop it in the comment box thanks
Have A Blessed Day




They say what comes out of us is what makes us Good or bad to an extend that is true you know we are humans and in this world we can hardly control what we hear, see, and think especially in countries where open air parties are allowed you hear all kinds of music notwithstanding it is left for us to daily process and assess what we see and hear and think because most time they are unavoidable.
In my past post on this topic I explained that what we see and hear matters a great deal because it some times produces our output kindly check out
This post is just building on the laid down foundation, what we think also generate our output too, I know some people will say it is what goes into us through our eyes and hears that generates our thinking but can I shock you by saying your flesh also has a part in it, it does it own contribution to an extend please remain calm and read on. We as humans the Bible warns us of three things in (1 John 2:16) KJV preferably


We really need to check the Three things mentioned above with attention the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, our flesh a times crave for things that is not Lawful when the Appetite for it arise. You stand against it by the word of God and Through Fasting if need be. It is not your eyes that desire to go to bed with that beautiful lady or handsome gentle man it is your flesh at work which carries thoughts to our Mind, I was once told never to look at evil twice because the first time is just a mistake but the second time lust has set in.

We need to put our:

Under check if not we will not know when we will go right into sin please if you think your mind is too weak to filter out evil thoughts then do me a favour stay clear of evil communications any discussion that will paint a picture in your mind excuse yourself from such to be at a safe side.

I don’t mingle with certain people not because am proud or anything is just to keep myself protected, the Bible says Joseph flee, the Bible also says that evil communication corrupts Good manners. Stay safe guide your mind.

Have A Blessed Day




Learn From The Elephants
As Big as they may look you may liken them to be useless and good For nothing I know I once heard that it takes them time to get on their feet but do you also know that elephant are always spotted wherever they go if an elephant comes to your environment you will definitely take notice of it and when ever it makes a sound with his horn it is very loud and people hear it from a distance now.

What is the lesson here we as Christians wherever we go we should let people know that we are there we should not compromise to the things of the world, stand with they truth don’t be one leg in one leg out because you want to gain the Favour of people, speak out loud the Gospel of Christ let people from a distance hear it. No matter how an elephant tries to hide in most cases he can not a light set upon a light stand can not be hidden you are a light so be the light that you are you are God’s Tourism Attraction.
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ant-bridge.jpgLearn from the Ants

Small but yet wise, they work very hard during the dry season to reduce their work in the raining season I call that Wisdom and time management, they can carry twenty(20) times their body size wonderful you may see them small but they are powerful,they see themselves as able to any task. The ants also posses one unique virtue which is unity, the move together in a chain format(A colony), their team work is something one can emulate another surprising thing is that the have no leader. They know the power of unity and they speak one language when it comes to decision-making.

Humans have difference that I know, but understanding each other is also something we need to do. No man is an island like they say. At one point or the other we Need people, two Heads are better than one (Two good heads anyways), most time people try things alone to no avail but when the join their ideas with some other person they find out that they are making progress, so don’t push out all the people who come to you some are also Catalyst sent by God to help your brand move to your place.

Hope Your Day Was Blessed.

Have A Goodnight Rest.