You shouldn’t be quiet while your enemies are speaking,  open your mouth and speak make your voice louder than your enemies voice. What you say is what you get.



– One of The greatest failure in life is to die without knowing and fulfilling your destiny on earth.

– One of the Greatest mistake in life is to live a life outside what God has destined you to live.  

-The Greatest ignorance is not knowing Christ. 

-A fool is some one that looks here and there and says there is no point living i want to commit Suicide. 

-One of The Greatest Achievement in Life Is to Fulfill your Divine Mandate. 

-No food for a Lazy Man

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RespectRespect is showing regards for Someone who deserves it. It is the honour given to people who has come of Age.

Respect is given both to the elderly and even the young once. 

Respect is what makes children greet their parents in the morning, afternoon, evening and in other Occasions. It is what makes you as a person to have reverence for people in higher Authority and du  people who has waxed greatly in age. Now let me use myself as an example I show respect not only to my elders also to my Subordinates as well. You see some people when you have a little chart with them though they are young but their intelligence will make you give them a level of respect.
Sometimes respect is earned.
Sometimes respect is given without stress.
Sometimes respect is broken.
Sometimes respect is fought for.
I will not respect you if you don’t respect your own self say what ever you like. A lot of people don’t understand this, someone have you in a very high esteem and all of a sudden you just bring down the persons expectations because you don’t value yourself respect. Respect will make you not to say certain things, respect will make you comport yourself in the public. Mind you self Esteem is not a Bad thing so is Ego too when you allow them to dictate for you when you allow them to inhabit you that is when it is bad. The moment your shoulders is equal to your head watch it that is very dangerous that is the point when Self Esteem and Ego is Bad. So Respect those that deserves to be respected.



The Race Our Life

Life is a race I know you must have heard it time’s without number but read this.The race of life is inevitable, it can not be avoided, it cannot be skipped except a person commits Suicide, a person that commits suicide is a person that has reached the highest state of Stupidity and Foolishness, because it is the must absorb thing to think about not to talk about carrying it out. Back to The Race, a race is a place of running you can not walk in a race, you can not crawl, you cannot be talking during a race or else you will gas out you run with all concentration. The Race is not to the swift according to Ecclesiastes 9:11. 

Determination, perseverance, stamina, Focus, Goal all these are highly needed to run the Race of life. 


When you run to certain point and you are tired yet you are determined to reach the end so you continue running. Determination is making up you mind that I must get to this point or that point. I must run to the finish line.


When you run the Race of life you need to Persevere if not you will give up,  perseverance is the force that keeps you going in The Race it makes you not to loss faith and hope of reaching  the finish line.


Your Stability is seen here, no matter how hard life throughs things at you, you are still standing,  no matter the hardship you are not shaking even if you shake you are not saying I Quit. You are still standing strong and firm moving towards the finish line.


Now running  this long race you need  focus the Bible says in

PHIL 2:14

I press on towards the goal to win the {Heavenly}  prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 

Having the price at heart  makes us to be focus the reward in mind will give is the push to continue  also,  

What does focus do? 

It makes you stay on track,

it makes you avoid  distractions,

it makes you to see what is ahead on time (when you run and you are approaching and obstacle if you are not focus you will run right into it but a Focus person can by pass it and move on).


 This makes you have in mind that yes there is something ahead, it makes you plan your strategy to run if you should be extremely fast, go with a minimal speed or run with a very slow speed, it makes you plan, it makes you know the direction to take. Everybody was not call to run the same race some where called  to run

A Relay race – They run and when the get to a point the hand the baton to some one else to continue  like in the case of Elijah and Elisha,  Elijah handed over to Elisha,  Elisha would have handed over to Gehazi but he was nowhere to be found he lost focus just at the early part of his race. To me I think Gehazi ended his race before it even started. Because  Elisha did two times The amount of Miracles Elijah did that means Gehazi would  have Tripleed it up but he Lost out. Another example Moses and Joshua, Moses passed the baton of leading the people to the promised land to Joshua and he finished the Race perfectly. 

Short Race – Some people are not meant to live as long as Methuselah on earth Jesus didn’t stay till he was old before He was taken up to Heaven immediately His assignment was accomplished He went To God. Use your time meaningfully. It doesn’t matter how short but how well you lived.

Long Races –  In as much as there are people who will not live long, there are also people who will live long, maybe they have a longer or complex mission on earth. This set of people needs More Grace  to carry on. For Example Abraham and Sarah wouldn’t have died even at the age they died if Isaac was not born.

Run your Race Well, don’t copy others style of running you never can tell if you are running the same race.  A lot of people fail in life not because of lack of understanding  but because they try following others style, you are unique from that your friend despite you guys are best friends.



FEARMy past post on fear I explained what, why, who brings fear and solution to fear you can click 👉👉(Fear).

Now in this post I want to tell or should I say explain something different, something new, something we do out of Ignorance just to get the approval of men when we should be seeking the approval of God instead knowing fully well that God is the one that gives Everybody on planet earth the privilege to be in power or Authority.

Listen no matter how powerful or wicked a person can be I want to let you know that no human being born of a woman should be feared yes nobody on earth should be feared because we are all equal in the sight of God. I agree that they may be in a higher authority or in a position that you are not but what the deserve is Respect not Fear. There is a different between Respect and Fear.  No matter how wicked or scary a person maybe or look like he/she can’t do more than what God Permits. God is a Supreme Being. He makes the dictates, He Takes the Shoot, The Bible says The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of wisdom, it didn’t say the fear of Men. When you fear the Lord He gives you the wisdom to handle worldly wickedness. Men can bark but if God Doesn’t give them the  Go ahead to bite they can’t bite.

We ought to Fear only One Being which is God.

So fear God not Men.



A lot of us don’t listen to God we just go ahead in everything we do. If you must know God speaks to us when ever we want to take a decision in life be it in Marriage, career, Business what have you.  He always want us to go the right way so we won’t regret it in future but most of us just don’t listen or even hear His Voice when He speaks. Before you take any step in life ask yourself  first  what is God saying and make sure you sit back and get a respond from Him before moving  on. 


A question every Christian would ask when they are desperate about God. You see becoming a Christian is something great, you are open to many benefit for example Long life, Heavenly Prosperity, Good health etc but it is not only about those things mentioned above becoming a Christian gives you the ability to Hear from God also and to speak to Him. How do we go about hearing and speaking to Him when we become Christians we were like new born babies into the faith now you have to leave that level and grow up, you grow up by spending quality time with Him Reading and Studying and meditating on His Word, spend quality time worshiping and praying  you must grow to the point that if you don’t study the Bible or pray a day your mind will not be at rest.
Mind you the devil knows the power of Studying the word and Praying so he fights that area with all seriousness to make sure newly converted and even rooted Christians don’t do it in order for them to be cold in their spirit it is very important  that you hear  from God so you make your Intimacy with God solid as well.



He does this through  various  means

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