I was recently going through the book of Genesis and I came across Joseph Beautiful Story Again. I notice somethings that I will like us to consider.  Kindly follow me and provide answers to each Question.



  • He had dreams upon dreams. At his tender age God was reviewing things to him. That is to show that he was very close to God for God to review his wonderful future to Him. God is always close to those that are close to Him. Are you close to God or you think you are still too young to be close to God. You want to enjoy life first mind you Joseph was Seventeen(17) years old if am not mistaken, when he saw that his brothers were doing the wrong thing he didn’t say let me join them after all they are my brothers he told his father immediately. He was young yet had a passion for God, he had a close intimacy with God. 



1.Are you Close to God? 

2.Do You Have an Intimacy with God?



  •  From his father’s house down to the Kings palace he was always unique. He stood out he had an excellent spirit God made everybody he came across to find favour with him just because he reference God more than anything. Where ever he found himself he was noticed for Good things only, he had a reputation that was not questionable. 



What are you known For?



  •  Every bus Stop of his life or should i say any point he reached he shined the light of God there before moving on. The moment he entered Potiphar’s(Potifar’s) house he brought blessings to the whole household. At the prison the Bible recorded that whatever he did prospered. At Egypt He brought blessings and saved lives also. He was always shining the light of God. God’s light brings prosperity, blessings, fruitfulness, increase on every side, it brings light to a dark situation, His light Guides, always desire to carry the light of God everywhere you go.




Is God Light Shining Through You?




  • I love this one so much. You know despite the fact that his Master’s wife pressurised him very much, he didn’t compromise, he held on to the fear of God, he feared what God will do rather than what he will face or gain on earth, he knew he had a destiny, he also knew that once he give into just that single pleasure it will tarnish his destiny. He didn’t say let me just do it after all nobody is seeing me. I will just do it and that is all, finish nothing more nothing less, I will just take it that is all, I will just go to bed with that beautiful girl/handsome Boy finish, I will just bribe them nobody will know and so many other things we do in our present time saying nobody will know my dear God is up above seeing everything in 3D. And he will definitely punish every sinful action we display be it big or small why spoil your future when you can stand on your YES/NO and be free from the wrath of God. Let us go back to Joseph he knew he had a colourful Future So he Stood his ground, he refused, the request his master’s wife was given him was a sin coated with gold, he would have lived a big boys life if he had done it, yet His No was No. The Fear of the Lord gives rise to Integrity. 



1.Can you Stand firm even when the Sin is Coated with Gold?

2. Is Your Yes/No a  God Fearing one?


Now I know you will be wondering why his master jailed him even with the trust he had in him. You see if he had not done that Joseph would have remained a servant the rest of his life instead of a Prime Minister and his dreams would have gone down the drain. And also I believe it was God way of training him to become 100% fit for his destiny. Wherever you are now see it as a place of training, see it as a place of preparation to a glorious destiny.


God Help Us.










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Chris Quote

Self confidence is what we need to boost our morals in the presence of mockers.

Don’t come too low because of others have a limit to everything you do but never you put a limit to your prayer life.

Chris Supamee Elijah

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The bond that keeps nations, people, tribes etc.

Unity speaks one language,

Unity prevent conflict.

Unity gives understanding amongst individuals.

Unity can achieve anything.

Unity makes people stand for each other.

Unity is a must have for groups, communities, villages, countries etc.

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2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

You shouldn’t have this in you at all, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. I will be using a very simple method to explain this word fear to you so you can break free from being afraid or scared to being Bold and Courageous.

  • WHAT??? WHAT???

  • WHY???
  • WHO???

  • HOW!!!     


Fear is a mirage full stop nothing more nothing less, what is a mirage it is something that is not real appearing real from a distance. It appears real to make you distracted.


Lack of insecurity about our ability we sometimes forget what we are capable of doing while in some cases it is due to the lack of not know entirely our abilities and capabilities. You need to know who you are to kill the spirit of fear. We fear because we forget who our Father is.


Why we get afraid is that most times in life we get to the point that we see the mirage of failure or the picture of Fear base on our various endeavours standing ahead that is when the fear sack burst open and we tend to lose focus at that point.It appears so vividly directly at our face like it is very real now this is the tactic of the Devils he magnifies it at our face to hit us and make it get to our mind but not too worry there is a way out of it there is always a solution read on please.


Who else but that good for nothing, cast down, betrayer of God the Devil he uses it to way down Christians once the spirit of fear is set free in a believers life the devil set in full to continue in the process of bringing down the individual to the state of hopelessness he brings failure of the past, rejection,inferiority complex, he brings down your self esteem/confidence which is one of our strength, believers that have the spirit of fear are always been attacked by the devil so don’t potral it in you speak it out of you.


This is the question i know you would be asking. Here is the solution

For certain if the devil sees a christian progressing he will try by all means possible to break the progression but we can still hold our ground “We can still Hold Our Ground” we have the scriptures we have books and articles on fear we have to read them and most Importantly memories them especially the Bible memories it daily. Guide your mind, create a wall of defence so it doesn’t penetrate into your mind. When You see the Mirage of fear from a distance at first sight you should never show the attribute or sign of been scared. Do you know that it is just an image that the devil drops in your mind to test and see your reaction. So When you see the mirage yes the mirage (that is what i call fear) don’t be scare approach it with all confident you must have seen a mirage once or twice while travelling when you approach it you will find nothing there so is fear. When you use faith and scriptures to forge ahead and you eventually get there you will discover that there is nothing there so don’t be scared face it you will come out victorious. It is just there to slow you down. It is there to shake your faith but stand strong and put the devil to shame.


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Yes Spice it up, You see in this our present time everybody is looking for the possible means to stand out in what they do, we have hundreds of people using a particular gift, doing a particular business so it leads to a lot of competition every where nevertheless you can still make it trust me you can. Most time we want to do the exert thing another person is doing that is why we fail. Your can copy their steps and everything but your can not copy their success, if it is not your area or your strength you will really find it very difficult to achieve easy success like the person you are copying. Before you go further in your planning check out These tips.



 Yes locate it you may think that what you are into now is your area of calling or what you know best to do but can i plead with you to critically check again a lot of us are operating in our area of Interest not our area of Calling. Our Strength is what we do with little strength and efforts Our strength opens doors of possibilities for us. 

2. BE UNIQUE    

Everybody is doing it this way doesn’t make it they only possible method it may work, it may not work for you. Quick Question here. (Have you ever though of doing it in a different way entiitly, in a way nobody has done it before?) Find your Uniqueness. You could learn from others but don’t imitate them completely spice it up a little add something to it. Add a little jara(Extra) to yours.


Ya take it, it could lead you to something great, risk takers they tend to achieve things a lot. Come to think of it most things we do as human beings are risk. 


Both thinking strategies are important. Most time people say think outside the box yes it is good  but think inside too, you never can tell which may come out well. The thinking outside is to gain or acquire new knowledge and then the thinking inside is to upgrade on the already discovered once. If you merger the two I bet you, the success you will get will be beyond your widest dream.


5. PRAY 

Prayer is the key Jesus started with prayers and ended with prayers. Yes very important this should be number one. Pray to God He is our Father and if we pray to Him for guidance just like our earthly father’s will guide us He too will guide us and even do much more. You start it with God and continue with Him all the way not when you have started hitting some millions you start to behave like a big Boy/Girl or Big Man/Woman for God remember your source is God and never leave Him at any point of your endeavour. And you will be so surprise how He will constantly renew your heart with fresh ideas for your progress.



This helps a lot appreciate who you are what you are and what you are doing. If you are very convinced it is a good thing. Have you ever watched a Lizard falling from an height immediately it hits the ground he shakes it head now that is it. Nobody is clamping for the lizard yet it is shaking it head praising itself that it has done something.

These are just a few there are more but I believe if you work on these aspects you could be the next most siked after on your field.

God Help Us.





Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water.

Genesis 21:19A

Very closed but far This is amazing I came across this verse recently and I started thinking and I asked myself some questions.

  • 1.Why didn’t Hagar see the well when she got there at first?
  • 2.How far was the well from her that she didn’t see it until her eyes were opened?

You see we Christians a lot of times we are like Hagar we don’t see our open door/doors close to us, our eyes are closed to our victory, to our solution, to our way of escape we are totally blinded by our situations and problems that we can’t see the answer right at our front, stop meditating on that problem if you want to go through it. I found out from research that the well was closed at hand to Hagar that means it was extremely closed


  • 1. Spiritual  blindness
  • This is one of the major Cause and this is caused when we
  1. Become cold in Faith
  2. Weak in Prayers
  3. Weak in fasting
  4. Weak in God’s Work.
  • 2. She Magnified her situation

Another mistake she did was making her situation, she was extremly devastated about it that she left her baby to die. Let me ask you reading  this question “who told you what you are passing through right now is onto death?”. Don’t magnify that situation anymore please.

  • 3. Cares of the world

When we listen too much to what people are saying a times it stops us from seeing. It confuses us and we just wave our eyes over certain things that we need.

When we are faced with challenges our faith must be intact and firm not shaking. The moment our faith is shakened there is a problem.

  • 5. Sin

Sin is another Major hindrance stay clear of sin if you want your eyes to constantly be open.

Don’t doubt God in any way.

  • 7. Lack of understanding of God Hospitality.

Understand That God has the best prescription for your in every problem. He is the best Doctor ever. He cares for you no matter what you have done, or going through.

Thinking we know too much, we tend to take minor things as a regular and not important. We think we understand everything about God. So we don’t give attention to somethings which may be the solution. The over look little things my dear stop it.

  • 9. Ingratitude.

God loves people that are grateful when we are not grateful to Him He may blind our eyes to our next step ahead.

These are but a few I believe there are more you can also contribute any one that comes to your mind in the comment box thanks.

Always Pray this Prayer.

God open my eyes to see my next Step.

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Some thing dropped in my mind very powerfully as I was studying the Book of Genesis, read this please.

And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren: and the Lord was entreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived.

Entreated there means made a petition, requested, solicited, prevailed in prayer for his wife.
Men we are the head, I know you will wonder why I used we but don’t wonder too far am also a potential father in the making so is every young boy out there. Now Where was I, Yes we are the head, we have been given the authority to govern our families not only by providing, protecting, training up our children placing the rules and and standard of the family etc we also have the authority to pray what we want for our families. Isaac prayed for his wife and the Lord was entreated of Him hmmmmmm so God was waiting for him to pray or should I say make the request because musing further on that verse he got an immediate answer to his prayer. Men please I plead in the name of God take Your place as the priest of your household because you are the prophet of your house don’t leave the place of prayer for your wife and children because you are running after money, Knit your family through prayers please and please take your place right now as a the Priest, Prophet, Pastor of Your Family

May God Help Fathers and Husbands out there and Also Potential Fathers Out There too.

Have A Blessed Day

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