1.Correct every mistake from the origin(YOUR MIND) before it comes into reality. It is safer that way and regrets are avoided.

2.Never you allow your situation or state of mind stop you from doing the things of God.

3.Nobody can survive by his/her self we need each other to have a better world.
Looking down on people may only hinder you in future be wise. In as much as you are comfortable you still need the plumbers to do the plumbing works,Labourers to build your House’s, carpenters to make your furniture’s and roofs. In a not shell everybody is important.

4.Happiness comes from the inside and not from people only choose to be happy at all times.

5.Put your tongue under your control………….

6.Don’t allow certain things to get into your mind,like our mobile phones when virus enters, it makes it malfunction, and in humans it brings out bad things we will regret doing.

7.Have a low self_Esteem rate people higher than you,it doesn’t make you lower than them it makes you humble,and God loves an humble individual.

8.Like people will say give Honour to whom Honour is Due, I will also say give Respect to whom Respect is Due (Regardless of the age)

9.A simple I love you can mean more than the world to somebody that has been rejected by all. Learn to Love, God is Love.

10.Don’t let anybody deceive you looking Good is a Good business,make out time to organize yourself before leaving the house each day.


11.Be BOLD


June 9, 2016

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